Are you familiar with your lungs? The vital organs that keep you going day to day. What happens when one of them is an alcoholic, cigarette-smoking narcissist? Well, you’ll have to rely on the better-behaved twin to keep everything in check of course. You know what they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!


The ‘OG’ Linus boasts a healthy pink tone with a super pleasant smile, he’s just a big cutie that loves running marathons and reading 15th Century French Poetry. He’s the perfect example of a healthy lung. Unlike his brother Lenny! Who features different shades of greens and browns, a rather grumpy expression, and not to mention that he flaunts holes and bandages from his most recent bar fight. The cheeky bugger even has a cigarette in hand!


**This item is a presale and will ship in late January/early February 2021**


Product Info:

HEIGHT: 5.15 inches tall (total) with each lung standing at 4.5 inches.

WIDTH: 7 inches


Linus & Lenny: The Lung Brothers OG

SKU: 0005