Is that someone following you? Can you smell the subtle smell of artisan tobacco? If you can, then the collector is near. The not yet coveted collectible by X. Reyeh is here and you--yes you can be the first and probably only person you know to have one of this limited edition series. Prepare yourself for the silky smooth Dhy Guy (not to be confused with a shy guy). 


This 8'' tall art piece is a dynamic black and white finish representing both good and evil. The entangled tentacles are a lucious death green (sampled from Cthulhu), while the pipe is a lovely copper finish (detachable). Do you need a piece on your desk that will thrwart your enemies attacks? Do you desire attention from those you love? If so, then this is the piece for you. If not, you can still buy it and be badass.

Dhy Guy: The Collector

SKU: 0001
  • 8' Vinyl Art Toy

    Detachable Copper Pipe

    Limited Edition of 100

    In-stock and Ready to Ship